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Car Rental

Sometimes you really need a car: in order to move freely, to follow your own timetable, to reach a specific place, and to live in freedom during your relaxing holiday. Hanging out till late or driving freely along the Costa verde moving from a beach to another: these are whims for which you need a car. Besides the accommodation in our resort, TorreHotel offers you a car rental service. An additional service, easy and accurate.

Wide is the choice of car categories and models. Our staff, with the usual professionality and expertise, will allow you to drive a car without any worry. We will take care of the papers and you will enjoy the car at your disposal ready at your arrival in Sardinia or at the hotel.

Anyway you can address the reception any moment of your stay for information and advice, and also obtain a car last minute, from people who know the area and the needs of the guests.

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