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Daily Excursions

Tourism also means to discover the environment, the genuine tastes and the locals. Thus TorreHotel besides an exclusive location and high quality services following the local inclinations, offers something more, the daily excursions, very popular among our guests.

Indeed there are many magic places in the Costa Verde, often difficult to reach if you don’t know the route and you don’t have you own car. At your disposal you have the staff that knows directly the area, timings and ways to reach far beaches, or for a day out in rubber boat. Not to be missed is a day at Piscinas, one of the beaches with real dunes that will certainly astonish you.

Not far from Torre dei corsari and within the Costa verde is the land of old mines, on the way to Piscinas, for ex., you can admire ruins of industrial archeology that have marked the area. At Buggerru you can visit Porto Flavia, a mooring a sheer drop to the sea below. Staying in the Oristano area, but north of the gulf, there is Tharros, a site with the ruins of an ancient Phoenician town... Then there are pre-historical remains and nuraghe that are so typical of the island landscape. Our excursions are also a chance to explore the past, to enjoy the typical tastes of the Sardinian cuisine: simple yet strong and tasty in one of the several farm restaurants.

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