camere hotel torre


Those offered by the TorreHotel staff are the result of a long professional journey of high level, to guarantee a stay that will be remembered with pleasure, the reception first of all. The leitmotif of our job is the smile and friendliness, never intrusive: from private bathrooms to the accurate airport or city transfers, from restaurant services of fifty places to the arrangement of daily excursions in the area... We are at your disposal to arrange and make your stay at TorreHotel the most comfortable.

The direct contact with the coast, with the people and the local area allows the resort to be the connection to know well the area, enjoy the real tastes and see places otherwise little known and difficult to find. Our staff is at your disposal during the whole holiday and even before, for suggestions and advice you should need.

Coming back from an excursion, from a long afternoon at the sea, or from a pleasant evening out you will find a quiet room with all the comforts so you revitalize and start well a new day of holiday.

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