camere hotel torre

The area

Even the name of the area sounds suggestive: Torre dei corsari (Tower of the Pirates) ... The original tower, known as Flumentorgiu, indeed was used in the XVIII century as lookout post from Saracen pirates’ attacks. The position is strategic in a wild environment, the Green Coast, that offers wide distances and freedom. It is a promontory south of Oristano facing the Sardinian Sea, wide and favourite by fishing and water sports lovers, surf and wind surf overall. On the south there is a bay with high calcareous cliffs, on the north the most famous beaches: Is Arenas and S'acqua e' s'ollastru dominated by very high real sand dunes. The sea here is the absolute protagonist, so for its location the Torre Hotel is the resort that combines everybody’s preferences: there is a long bay where you can relax all day long far from the crowd, and also some hidden creeks, with shallow water perfect for the kids, or the rocky areas, ideal for hiking and excursions. The sunshine is peculiar of the Sardinian daylight and the sunset on the horizon is a typical spectacular moment of the western coast.

Then the dunes... Hard to describe if never seen, particular those in the nearby of Torre dei Corsari, Piscinas and Scivu. They are a real piece of desert with sand hills that keep moving to the wind. Above there is the typical vegetation: juniper, lentisk, and sea lily.

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